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11 Sep 2018

Becoming a Junior Developer after Fifty: Tech Talk with Scott Jansen

Three years ago, Scott broke back into the software industry after spending twenty years on a different career path. His skills in COBOL were no longer sufficient, so he attended The Tech Academy Software Developer Boot Camp to sharpen up on the most in-demand programming languages. In this talk, Scott shares the ups and downs of learning new technologies after deciding to change his career path, the struggles of finding a job, and his experience working at a new company with younger but more experienced coders. After overcoming numerous obstacles, Scott Jansen now finds himself in a great career as a software developer. We're excited to have him back sharing the lessons he's learned along the way. Lessons not only helpful for those considering a career in tech after fifty, but anyone at any age looking for a career change!

22 Aug 2018

Resources for Women & Allies in Tech: Tech Talk with Janel Hull

Incase you missed it, check out Janel Hull's Tech Talk on "Resources for Women and Allies in Tech"! ChickTech is a national nonprofit organization, founded in 2012 right here in Portland to engage women and girls of all ages in the technology industry while working to create a better technology culture for all. Janel Hull, ChickTech's Portland Program Manager, introduces the ChickTech organization, how they help women and allies in the tech community, and how you can get involved.

16 Aug 2018

Tech Talk with Microsoft: Visual Studio Live Share Engineers & Program Managers

The Tech Academy was ecstatic to welcome a team of Microsoft's Program Managers and Engineers to Portland. In this talk the team from Microsoft gives a demo of Visual Studio Live Share, talks about the development process, and how it could help instructors, students, and developers everywhere. Live Share is a tool that allows for real-time collaboration and debugging help.

13 Aug 2018

From Jr. Dev to Team Lead: Tech Talk with Cole Dixon

This week's Tech Talk Speaker is Cole Dixon, Dean of The Tech Academy Denver! Cole graduated from The Tech Academy back in 2015, and quickly began a successful career in software development. In this talk, Cole shares his insights on rising from a Jr. Developer fresh out of The Tech Academy to a Development Team Leader in his last job. He also outlines the work it took and the hurdles he encountered en route to gaining that position.

06 Aug 2018

Tech Talk: Todd Rotolo on Getting Hired at Portland's Top Tech Companies

Todd Rotolo is an Account Manager at Collabera Inc, a company ranked among the top 10 Information Technology (IT) and professional staffing firms in the U.S. In his talk, Todd shares his knowledge of the current hiring climate in this industry, some trends he's observed from his position, and his top tips for job seekers!

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