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Why Attend The Tech Academy On The Tech Academy’s programming bootcamp, students learn coding through real-world, hands-on software development training. Graduates are well-rounded, full-stack, junior developers that can code on the front-end and back-end. Get Started Now

Who We Are The Tech Academy is a licensed career school with campuses in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington where students learn to code. The coding classes on the Software Development Boot Camp cover computer programming and web development. The curriculum is available online, so the course can be studied from anywhere in the world. Students can take the program in classrooms located in Portland or Seattle, or online from anywhere on the planet - The Tech Academy has local students at our campuses and remote students that study from home across the United States, in Europe, etc. What sets The Tech Academy apart from other code schools is our thorough curriculum and high success rate of graduates. The Tech Academy students learn many programming languages and skills during the coding bootcamp.

Boot Camp

Our software development boot camp consists of:

Technology Basics
Overview Of Software Development
Version Control
Database & SQL
Visual Studio
C# and .Net Framework
Project Management
Live Project
Job Placement

The Tech Academy’s Mission Statement To graduate junior developers that excel in the basics of computer programming and thereafter have successful careers in the I.T. field, and whose actions raise industry standards and surpass client expectations.

Our program is self-paced. We are open weekdays, weeknights and weekends; you can enroll at the Academy anytime! The entire program is available online and can be taken from anywhere in the world, with Instructors to help.
Courses Our Bootcamp consists of 11 courses and we offer open enrollment.
Students From in house training to remote. Our students are located all over the world.
Employers Our graduates have landed jobs in a wide variety of industries and roles.

"The curriculum structure is perfect for the coding newbie, even an absolute newbie like myself."

"The coursework starts off really basic, which is exactly what I needed, then quickly progresses to full stack web/software development."

"I went from working 60-70hr weeks and rotating shift work in factories to working 40hrs/week at home."

Meet our Founders A new approach to training in technology! The Tech Academy is a code school co-founded by Jack Stanley and Erik Gross. Their program, the software developer boot camp, can be taken online from anywhere in the world.

Mr. Erik Gross


Mr. Jack Stanley