The Tech Academy is a code school that was founded in 2014 by Erik Gross and Jack Stanley. We are the proud recipient of SwitchUp.Org’s Best Coding Boot Camp award in 2017 and 2018. Our coding boot camps are available online in full.

There are several Tech Academy locations, including campuses in:

Students can attend in-person or study online from home.

As a brief history: For many years Erik Gross had been working as a senior-level software developer. In 2012, he began training junior-level software developers as a side activity under the name “Prosper I.T. Academy.” At this time, the boot camp was basically a tutoring service with very few students. Concurrently, Erik was a working software developer, dedicating only a portion of his time to Prosper I.T. Academy. Prosper I.T. Academy delivered a .NET Boot Camp - focusing on C# and Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

Erik Gross and Jack Stanley had been friends for many years and successfully worked on several projects together. Jack had fifteen years of executive and managerial experience, with training in many areas, including: legal, HR, marketing, sales, personnel, management, quality control, public relations, teaching and curriculum development. Jack made up for any lack of administrative skill on Erik’s part.

Knowing that Erik could utilize Jack’s experience to take the school to the next level, he offered Jack a partnership. Jack came aboard and the rest is history.

One of first actions taken was changing the name of the school to The Tech Academy. They also immediately took action to put together a thorough curriculum that could turn the average student into an entry-level software developer. The result was: several boot camps covering the most in-demand programming languages in existence.

​Many people contributed to the curriculum, including several individuals with degrees in Computer Science and the head of George Fox University’s Computer Science Department: Dr. Brent Wilson.​

​Since our humble beginnings in Beaverton, Oregon, the school has grown ​from a small class with four students, to what it is today: A successful code school ​with multiple campuses, hundreds of ​employed graduates, and a program that can be taken online from anywhere in the world.

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We have been training junior developers for years. We have hundreds of graduates who are now working in the technology industry


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