An Introduction

​The Tech Academy is a code school that was founded in 2014 in Portland, Oregon. In addition to the Portland campus, The Tech Academy has another campus is Seattle, Washington. The Tech Academy's Software Developer Boot Camp can be taken online from anywhere in the world.

As a brief history, Erik Gross has worked as a senior-level Software Developer for many years. In 2012, he began training entry-level software developers as a side activity. He gave this activity the name "Prosper I.T. Academy." In the beginning, the boot camp was basically a tutoring service with small classes.

Erik then decided to devote his full attention to the code school and recognized that taking the venture to the next level would take business acumen and ​more ​managerial experience. He then approached his long-time friend, and seasoned executive, Jack Stanley.

Jack had experience in running successful companies, and he and Erik had worked together on several successful projects in the past. On top of training and years of exposure in marketing, legal, sales, personnel and the myriad of skills it takes to run a business, Jack also had experience as an educator and in curriculum development.

Erik’s and Jack’s skills complemented each other and so, at the end of 2013, Jack and Erik became business partners. For several months Jack and Erik worked to create a curriculum and fully establish the school.

Jack and Erik surveyed various potential school names and in the beginning of 2014, the name with the most votes won. And so, the program became known as “The Tech Academy”.

Since then the school has grown ​from a small class with four students in Beaverton, Oregon, to what it is today: A successful code school ​with multiple campuses, hundreds of ​employed graduates, and a program that can be taken online from anywhere in the world.

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We offer open enrollment, which means you can start anytime.

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"What sets us apart from other code schools is our thorough curriculum and high success rate of graduates."

Our Graduates Work At Here is a list of companies that have hired some of our graduates:

Estd. 2013


Our program is self paced. We are open weekdays, weeknights and weekends. You are on a schedule that fits your life.

Open Enrollment

We offer open enrollment, which means you can start anytime. We allow students to start our program at a time and date that is best for you.

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What Employers Are Saying

Graphic Products

“Our newest UI Designer is excelling in her role and is even being trained to handle more senior level development in the future. It is clear that The Tech Academy produces qualified, capable individuals who are ready to enter the workforce and hit the ground running.”


"We have been fortunate to get an excellent UI Designer. He excels in his role and has been an integral part of our upgrade to version 5.0 of our software. Exterro is a legal software company and we offer a challenging work environment with leading-edge technology. The Tech Academy produced a qualified and professional developer."

Cook Security Group

“Nic has been great since he started, he's willing to jump into whatever we throw at him and figure it out. We do a lot of software development with a 3rd party vendor, and he is able to act as an excellent point of communication between us and our developers, by effectively articulating our requests to the development team.”


“From the very first interview to the current day, it is apparent that our new .Net developer was prepared for the real experience of professional development. They were more prepared day 1 with more of the fundamentals than most people with more academically focused training.”

The Courses are self-paced and students who study 40 hours a week typically complete the program in 15 weeks.

Mr. Danny Condon

The Tech Academy is an opportunity for students who are focused on improving themselves, disciplined in managing their time and who are driven to overcome challenges. It's a great place to learn software development at your own pace as well as gaining experience working on team with the live-project.

Mr. Michael Allen
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