Due to the fact that students typically do not receive full refunds, and in some cases no refund at all, we strongly recommend that students only enroll in a Tech Academy boot camp if they’re absolutely certain they will complete the boot camp. We have no wish for this experience to be a failure for students or for them to lose money.

If students feel they may need to refund, it is recommended that they not enroll.

Students are granted a pro-rated refund based on the date they signed their enrollment agreement. It is calculated based on the number of weeks that have passed since the date on the enrollment agreement (not on hours studied, credits obtained, etc.) and regardless of time taken off the program (for example: if the student was not studying during the time that passed or if they were on a leave of absence, the weeks are still counted as time since the date of enrollment). Refunds are counted against the number of calendar weeks that have passed since the date on the Enrollment Agreement and regardless of any other factors. No refunds are granted 50% in to the program.

For further specifics on the refund policy for each boot camp, please contact one of our registration staff here:

Phone: (503) 206-6915

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