27 Jul

CIRR and The Tech Academy

Education is a huge investment of both time and money. While there is typically a high return on this investment, especially with coding bootcamps (because of their lower cost and a shorter duration), it is still important for potential students to be able to make informed decisions on where to invest in their education. In order to make informed decisions students need accurate information on graduate outcomes, that is easily comparable from boot camp to boot camp. The Tech Academy is committed to transparency, and to providing potential students with accurate, verified, and easy-to-understand reports on our outcomes. That is why we have joined the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting. The Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) is a non-profit that aims to help provide potential students with accurate, transparent, and complete student outcome reports for participating bootcamps. What CIRR does is provide “a standardized system for measuring and reporting outcomes that all of its schools use.” (cirr.org) The reports are easy for students to understand, ensuring they can make informed decisions about where to invest their time and money. Another benefit of CIRR is that the information is verified and up-to-date. Participating bootcamps must report their graduate outcomes every six months, with documentation to back up the data. Documentation includes offer letters, written confirmation letters by employers, etc. This information is then verified by a third party. So, you are probably asking yourself what information you can find on CIRR. Here are some important questions that CIRR reports can answer: - How many students graduated on time? - Within six months, how many accepted a full-time position in their field of study? - How many are in part-time positions? - Did the school hire on any graduates to its staff? - How many are in jobs in a different field of study? - What are the salaries for graduates with positions in their field of study? The Tech Academy currently has graduate reports posted for our online program and Portland program from January to July 2017. As CIRR continues to post updated reports every six months, you will have access to the most current graduate data. Here is some of the information you can find on The Tech Academy’s graduate report: - Within 90 days of completing the course, the percentage of online students employed in full-time paid positions in their field of study was 79.2%, with the number rising to 87.5% after 180 days. - The median annual base salary for both Portland and online students was $60,000. - 40.9% of graduates report their job title as “Developer”. To read The Tech Academy’s CIRR reports in-full visit: https://cirr.org/data, or copy and paste the following links into your browser. https://static.spacecrafted.com/b13328575ece40d8853472b9e0cf2047/r/a54d4a7a2bd2467f8f1ba4fdb7b090ca/1/The%20Tech%20Academy%20(Remote).pdf https://static.spacecrafted.com/b13328575ece40d8853472b9e0cf2047/r/f2e1809f53d64125baadbc6a3725e778/1/The%20Tech%20Academy%20(Portland).pdf


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