27 Jul

Course Spotlight: Project Management

Part of what makes our graduates well-rounded developers is that they learn not only technical programming skills, but also computer science fundamentals and non-coding skills necessary to the development process. One of these courses in the Tech Academy curriculum is the Project Management course, where students learn Agile and Scrum project management principles. Project Management is an important part of the software developer process. Without it, the process of creating and launching computer programs often becomes expensive, disorganized, and inefficient. Throughout this course students are shown every stage of a project life cycle, from planning to completion, and learn popular project management practices in the technology industry. Read about what a few students learned on the Project Management course, and how they’ll use it in their careers: “Project management in Agile is an iterative method of completing a project. The project is reduced down to different tasks that are completed in (typically) a two to four week span of time. The Project management life cycle allows the team to narrow their focus and keep everything in order so that the project can be completed in time. This involves managing the amount of work hours that go into all different phases of the project. I learned a lot about how projects are run/managed in this course. Building a deliverable product to the customer has a lot of moving parts during the working period, and using Agile to plan and execute each task is integral to a smooth workflow. I will use the methodologies explained in this course to work with teams to get projects completed. Even if I am building something myself, I learned that it helps to break things down into manageable bits and pieces that by themselves are small, but add up to a bigger picture.” — Matt G., Project Management Course “Project Management is the birth, life cycle and ultimate end of a product. It begins with conception, follows through with design and development, is realized through testing and ultimately release, and finally is serviced through support until a decision is made to ultimately retire a product. This course taught me about the Agile method, which is fundamentally different than the top-down (often referred to as "waterfall") management model found in other forms of manufacturing. Agile and Scrum are a different kind of iterative process of product design and development, which is flexible, yet identifies both accomplishments and problems quickly so they can be addressed. Since Agile and Scrum were designed for software development, they are very likely to be find in a future workplace. If it isn't, I might recommend that it is put into place, since it solves many problems quickly with less delay in solving impediments.” — Russell S., Project Management Course If you’re interested in learning more about the specific courses on the Tech Academy’s program check out our Course Overview page, or give us a call at (503) 206-6915.


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