6 Aug

Concordia University and The Tech Academy Partner to Offer a CIS Minor

The Tech Academy is excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with Concordia University to offer a Computer Information Systems (CIS) Minor for Concordia students. Hannah Patterson, Tech Academy staff member and now Concordia Professor, told us about how the partnership came to be, “After touring our school during an open house, Concordia approached The Tech Academy about a partnership, interested in using our curriculum. And now after two semesters of piloting the first course, there is officially a CIS minor at Concordia utilizing The Tech Academy’s full curriculum”. The pilot partnership was launched in August 2017, in which Concordia University offered a Computer Science course covering the first three courses of The Tech Academy’s program. These courses include: Technology Basics, Overview of Software Development, and Version Control. After the success of the pilot program, The Tech Academy and Concordia decided to expand the partnership to offer the Computer Information Systems Minor starting August 2018. There are currently about 20 students on track to obtaining a CIS Minor! The university’s CIS Minor program consists of five online courses where students will learn the fundamentals of Computer Science, as well as technical skills like web design and computer program development. The course list is as follows: - CIS 230: Computer & Software Development Fundamentals - CIS 232: Front-End Web Development - CIS 334: Database and SQL - CIS 336: Technology Project Management - CIS 450: CIS Capstone These courses are fully accredited, and cover the entirety of The Tech Academy’s curriculum. The Tech Academy has two dedicated instructors to serve the university students, Professor Lyci George and Professor Hannah Patterson. “It’s been a privilege to be involved in the creation of this partnership. I look forward to watching Concordia students graduate with not only the knowledge of software development, but also an accredited degree”, Hannah Patterson said about instructing the pilot program. Everyone here at The Tech Academy is excited to be contributing valuable education and training to the Concordia University community. We wholeheartedly agree that “partnerships help create an entire education ecosystem where everyone involved can fulfill their highest potential.”


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