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In addition to delivering Coding Bootcamps, The Tech Academy hosts a podcast where we sit down with fellow tech professionals and enthusiasts, and talk all things tech!

Our goal is to highlight the individuals that make this industry great, and show the many different paths your career could take you on. Each week on The Tech Academy Podcast you’ll hear from different tech professionals about how they got their start, their vision of the future of tech, and everything in between!

Ep. 21 Tim Shedor

We’re back with a brand new episode of The Tech Academy Podcast! Hosting this episode is Hannah Patterson, with special guest Tim Shedor. Tim is a self taught Web Development Consultant who has started projects like Ask a Dev and Wedfuly. In this episode we hear about how Tim’s high school newspaper got him into technology, and how his journalism degree helped propel his career in web development. We also hear about a few of Tim’s projects like the virtual wedding planning service Wedfuly, and the mentoring community Ask a Dev. With a journalism degree to give him insight, our guest also talks to us about communication in development, some causes of communication breakdown and tips to prevent it. To learn more about the Ask a Dev community, visit:

Speaker: Tim Shedor

18 Jul 2018


Ep. 13 Paul Menig

Joining us today on this episode of The Tech Academy Podcast is Paul Menig, CEO of Tech-I-M Business Accelerants and President of the National Transportation Center Foundation. To kick things off this week, we let Erik geek out over the new Star Wars film which he saw mere hours earlier (don’t worry, no spoilers!), and get a general timeline of Paul’s life using the Star Wars films as markers. During the interview we learn about our guest’s high school dream of becoming a biomedical engineer and how that path changed, his time studying electrical engineering at MIT, what it was like to get his first electronic calculator in college and so much more!

Speaker: Paul Menig

18 Jul 2018


Ep. 2 Oz du Soleil

This week host Erik Gross chats with Oz du Soleil, Excel developer, blogger, trainer, raconteur and Microsoft excel MVP. Oz is known for his colorful and fierce commitment to empowering people without an IT team or skill set to be able to manage their own data. He's also lead author of the book, Guerrilla Data Analysis 2nd Ed., co-written with Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen, and host of the YouTube channel Excel on Fire! In this episode Erik and Oz discuss their time in the US Navy, the amazing story of how Oz made the transition from answering phones at a call center to becoming a data analyst with the same company, and what makes a good analyst. To wrap things up, we have another one of Jack's Helpful Tips! This week Jack Stanley shares an insightful tip for anyone on the job hunt.

Speaker: Oz du Soleil

18 Jul 2018


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