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Algorithms are fundamental in understanding Computer Science as a subject. The purpose of this article is to thoroughly define what an algorithm is and how it relates to computers.

An algorithm is a mathematics term that means a plan for solving a problem. Algorithms consist of a sequence of steps. Computers use algorithms. An algorithm is a set of instructions that is used to get something done.

EXAMPLE: An algorithm for selecting the right kind of shirt might have the following steps:

1. Pick a shirt from your closet.

2. Put the shirt on.

3. Look at yourself in the mirror.

4. Decide whether or not you like the way you look in that shirt. If you like how you look, leave the shirt on and go to step 6. If you do not like how you look, take the shirt off and put it back in the closet where you got it from.

5. Repeat steps 1-4.

6. End this procedure.

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