Megan Bigelow on STARTING PDXWIT

Event Location The Tech Academy Course Room
Starting Time 1 pm
Date January 13th, 2017
Length This is a Two Hour Event

PDXWIT, a non-profit organization, started 5 years ago after Megan & her co-founder attended the Grace Hopper Women in Computing conference in 2011. After a weekend of collaboration, networking and being surrounded by women in the same industry, they immediately felt the absence of that network upon their return to the “real world”. After searching for groups they could join, Bigelow self-selected out of joining many because of their specificity (for coders, etc.).

  • What was their solution? Start their own group. In January of 2012, they posted an event on Linked-In, open to women in all aspects of Tech, half expecting it to be just the two of them drinking during Happy Hour. 15 people showed up to their first event, and Women in Tech began!

  • Megan Bigelow

  • The Tech Academy
  • 310 SW 4th Ave Suite 412
  • Portland, OR 97204
  • 503.206.6915
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