Computer Basics

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Duration 5 Days

This course is the missing link in effective training in the software field. It contains hundreds of tech definitions written by The Tech Academy. You will gain a comprehensive, solid understanding of nearly every major element of the technology industry, including:

  • Clear definitions for every major technology term
  • Algorithm theory and design
  • Basic machine architecture
  • Central Processing Unit operation
  • Memory operation
  • And more...
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5 Days

"With all of the information that I have learned in this course I can use it for a solid foundation. It provides the building blocks to understanding how a computer works on a core level. It will allow me to be more familiar with all the computer terminology that I wasn't very familiar with before. Through taking this course, it actually opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that are available in the software development field.

Before I thought web or mobile would be the only places I would want to go, but I have actually grown a curiosity for even OS's or computer software. The course was great, it was nice and easy at the beginning and then went up the ramp in difficulty just right. I loved the challenges that it provided, and I can't wait for more!" - Jeremiah S.

The courses of The Tech Academy are all designed on an increasing gradient of difficulty. One step should be completed prior to going on to the next step.

For experienced software developers, there are still several benefits from taking the Computer Basics Course.

  • Computer network principles
  • Fundamentals of creating a computer program
  • Internet design and operation
  • Web browser operation
  • Social Media fundamentals
  • Basic security Concepts
  • And more...

Welcome to the Computer Basics Test

  • The test consists of 100 questions.
  • Any score below 85% is failing.
  • Failing the test will require you to re-take the test.

This course was created to ensure you understand all basic computer terms. This course can be done by anyone, from people who have no experience in computers to computer experts. This provides one with a basic computer vocabulary so studying more advanced computer information is possible.

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